At Garnier, two of our core values are togetherness and the importance of connecting with other people. We believe that UNICEF's efforts to reach out to the most vulnerable children can provide families with the support they need to thrive and reconnect with others. We commit to working with UNICEF to help take care of the world's youngest and most vulnerable people when their safety and welfare are threatened.

Learn How Garnier Supports UNICEF

1 in every 4 children live in a region or a country affected by an emergency such as natural disaster or conflict.


Learn How Garnier & UNICEF Are Helping Children

Watch to learn why Garnier is partnering with UNICEF to provide safe, hygienic spaces for kids in crises.


As a result of the recent earthquake in Mexico, and severe hurricanes impacting the U.S. and Caribbean countries and territories, including Puerto Rico, the most vulnerable children have been forced into even more danger. Their homes have been destroyed and their schools have been disrupted. UNICEF and UNICEF USA are responding to these catastrophic disasters. UNICEF puts children first in emergencies, committed to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable kids in the world. In response to a disaster, UNICEF works to ensure that affected children and families can get clean water, that there are safe spaces for children, that education and health services can continue, and that basic humanitarian supplies are distributed.

As one of UNICEF’s supporters, Garnier’s three-year ‘Commit to Care’ initiative will help take care of children and families affected by emergencies, such as those recently struck by hurricanes, and the earthquakes in Mexico.

UNICEF USA is also helping the most vulnerable children affected by Hurricane Harvey, with an emphasis on helping children get back to school, so they can continue learning and to help restore a sense of normalcy..

Your gift will help support the needs of children affected by devastating natural disasters. Send your gift at

Helping the Most Vulnerable in Emergencies

Today, 1 in 4 children lives in a country affected by war or natural disaster. Such complex and difficult circumstances exacerbate dangers for children who are oftentimes already victims of poverty, malnutrition, violence and exploitation, or who lack a basic education. We support UNICEF's global programs that provide relief to children living through crisis, the children who need our support the most.

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Safe Spaces for Children in Emergencies

One of the ways UNICEF supports children and families during emergencies is by setting up Child Friendly Spaces, where children can gather in a safe and protected environment with trusted adults, especially when they are separated from their families. Along with ensuring children's basic needs are met, educational and play-based activities in the spaces help to restore a sense of normalcy for children. When needed, UNICEF helps to deliver psycho-social support to traumatized children. This is just one example of how Garnier’s partnership with UNICEF is helping children who are living incredibly tough lives.

A Better Today for a Better Future

In any emergency, children are always the most vulnerable group. They face the highest risk of violence, exploitation, disease, and neglect. Responding effectively and quickly to these urgent situations is the key to laying the foundations of future growth and stability. 

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Delphine Viguier, Garnier Global General Manager

“At Garnier, our goal is to help children in difficult circumstances develop the sense of security, trust, and well-being crucial to creating real connections. If they know they can reach out to others, to give and to receive, then these children will have the confidence to build a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their communities.”

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