About the Rinse, Recycle & Repeat Partnership

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat is a national recycling program for beauty and personal care products that motivates the next generation to make an impact on the planet by recycling their empty beauty products.

After achieving our 2017 goal of keeping 10 million empties out of landfills nationwide, Garnier wants to continue to make a positive impact on the planet in 2018. We have partnered again with TerraCycle and DoSomething.org to launch our second year of Rinse, Recycle, Repeat. This national campaign and college competition aim to educate and motivate the next generation to responsibly recycle their beauty empties, which will be recycled through the Garnier Beauty Recycling program.

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat: National Campaign Individuals can sign up online to participate in Rinse, Recycle, Repeat on dosomething.org/rinse, or by texting RINSE to 38383, decorate a bathroom recycling bin to collect #empties and share a picture with DoSomething.org to be entered to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat: College Competition At the start of Earth Month on April 1, 50 college campuses across the country will compete to collect the most #empties to be recycled and turned into a green garden. The college team that keeps the most #empties from landfills will be rewarded with a green garden for their community, furnished by Garnier and TerraCycle. The winner will also receive a $2,000 scholarship and a prize for the full team, as well, to thank them for their commitment to keeping beauty #empties out of landfills.

About Garnier & TerraCycle®

In 2011, Garnier and TerraCycle launched the Garnier Beauty Recycling program to shift consumer behavior by expanding recycling from the kitchen to also include the bathroom. The program is the world’s first-ever beauty recycling program which facilitates the collection and recycling of beauty empties that otherwise cannot be recycled for free.

Since launch, the Garnier Beauty Recycling Program has diverted more than eight million empties out of landfills, some of which were turned into pelletized lumber for raised garden beds, benches, trash receptacles and other elements for community gardens. Garnier has donated five Green Gardens to organizations in New Orleans, Detroit and New York City, with three more planned in 2017. These gardens have engaged hundreds of thousands of individuals in the surrounding communities.

Garnier’s Sustainability Commitment
Garnier’s heritage is rooted in naturally-derived ingredients and formulas, with sustainability in its DNA. Today, the brand’s global commitment to sustainability extends beyond the formulas; it’s the cornerstone of the brand. Garnier is committed to developing products that take care of your skin and hair, as well as the environment.

  • Garnier has created some of the greenest and most effective formulas made at zero waste facilities.
  • Garnier Fructis’ product packaging is made with 50% Post-Consumer Recycled waste and is produced in a facility committed to sustainability as the zero landfill site recovered 95% of it’s waste in 2015.
  • Whole Blends’ product packaging is made with 30% Post-Consumer Recycled waste and is produced in a facility that has reduced waste and water consumption per unit by approximately 58% and 47% respectively, since 2005.
  • All cardboard packaging used in Garnier skincare and hair color products is FSC™ certified.
  • Garnier is one of the first mass-market brands to incorporate 40 percent recycled glass into skincare jars.